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A 2 Z Nationwide Security, Inc
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State Lic: PPO 17356
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* We provide patrol security vehicles, golf carts & bicycles when a large area needs to be covered. We also provide Guard Shack, Cabins, Kiosk with Umbrella & Trailer with visible security signs where required.
A 2 Z Nationwide Security, Inc. Services
A 2 Z provide the following services for your convenience: 

* Highly trained armed, unarmed, uniformed Security Guards who are trained in Power to Arrest and have licenses from California Government BSIS for Firearms, Baton, Pepper Spray and CPR/First Aid Certification.
* We patrol assigned site on foot or in security vehicle, check for irregularities and inspect installed devices, fire control equipment, unlocked doors,  blocked entrances and exits, mechanical problems, check for unsafe conditions, hazards, security violations, vandalism and trespassing.
* Observe and report activities/incidents for the security and safety of client's property and personnel. Protect evidences or scene of incident in the event of emergencies, accidents or security investigations.
* Fire Watch and respond to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous materials, inclement weather, and other incidents.